Greenitaly Coast CompanyProfile


Greenitaly Coast is a young company with solid roots, formed by a group of passionate professionals with a single common goal:

Excellence in landscape architecture

We are a full-cycle company and we have IN HOUSE all the resources needed to design and implement what our buyers demand:

Hardscape: Movimento terra, Opere edili e impianti per il verde, giochi d’acqua.

Movement earth, Works edili and installations for the green, Water games.

Softscape: Fornitura di piante, Installazione, Cura e Manutenzione.

Plant Supply, Installation, Care and Maintenance.

Tech Integration Gestione sistemi idrici, Illuminazione, Audio.

Tech Integration:
Water Systems Management, Lighting, Audio, Smart Garden Technology.

Our creations, whether residencial like gardens and parks or other nature such as public greenery and sports facilities, are the result of an integrated design that makes sustainability over time the cornerstone of a way of conceiving the landscape.

If the customer so requests, we can operate as a MAIN CONTRACTOR and handle all stages and parties involved in designing and maintaining this, this is especially the case for overseas jobs where local resources are involved.

Alternatively, we proceed with the development and implementation of a project from the initial idea to the management and maintenance phase.

We are very mindful of the management and maintenance issues. Management becomes a form of investment protection over time so as to ensure greater effectiveness in maintaining the required quality standards at project stage.

We believe that only the integration between design, construction and maintenance creates the ideal conditions for the satisfaction of our customers.

We design and build public and private landscaping works. “Green Italy” is for us the green of our culture: It is the green of a country that the whole world recognizes and loves with great admiration for the unique ability to do wherever it is called “made in italy”.

To the visitor of the “Belpaese”, as in an extraordinary garden, it still happens to be illuminated by a light coming from the glitter of a promised land, from a paradise dreamed of by humanity and guarded by the great magical-religious traditions. “Greenitaly” comes from this fundamental awareness of ours.

Greenitaly coast is the dream of the Costa Smeralda, but not only. It is the synthesis of a desire for beauty that unites every human being and the realization of a natural inspiration that Sardinia and in particular the Costa Smeralda transmit to its inhabitants and visitors.