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Winners at Arzachena Estate in fiore 2017

At its first participation in the Arzachena Summer Flower Festival, 2017 edition, Greenitaly Coast wins the first Estate in Fiore 2017 Award for Best Green Installation with the Motivation:

“The intervention captures singularly the urban nature of the vegetable mantle with an original solution that reinterprets the street as a living room lived by the community with the green walls on which the houses open. A proposal that seems to be inspired by the streets of the Gallura Villages, always cared for with small plantations of flowering plants, with the house and the street that feed on the reciprocal decor and the feeling of hospitality ”

These are the words of TECHNICAL JURY composed by Professor Giovanni Maciocco, Chairman of the Faculty of Architecture of Alghero, Renzo Persico, President of Consorzio Costa Smeralda, Mario Ferraro, Managing Director Smeralda Holding and Landscape Designer Sole Paradisi.

A reward that fills us with satisfaction and, above all, for its motivation confirms how the road we have undertaken is the right one, the idea that the integration between green and living spaces is the path to an improvement in the quality of life. An idea of space in which man can move in absolute freedom from a limited environment such as home to the extended garden space and beyond. An idea of green not only private but also common in which technology also contributes to increasing its usability and keeping it intact over time.

We have been defined as a florivivaista company and in a sense we find that this definition although acceptable in some way in our case is limiting, certainly the roots are those but our idea of landscape design goes beyond what is commonly understood with this definition.

The nurseries to which we draw and with whom we actively cooperate are undoubtedly a fundamental aspect in the creation and maintenance of the green and strong of this certainty and the excellence of our nursing colleagues we wanted to make a leap forward and propose a model of green creation that was totally integrated.

From the initial idea to the maintenance program we decided to complete every stage of the production cycle, from consulting to the design and realization of spaces: we have a passionate and motivated team that presents itself as a sole interlocutor to our customers.

We are confident that it is a winning idea and this award strengthens our conviction.

Finally, we would like to thank all those who have participated in this 2017 edition of Arzachena Estate in bloom, the municipal administration that this year also wanted to propose this review, colleagues and friends that as we have realized splendid installations, Costa Consortium Smeralda, for over fifty years, is the engine of development in this wonderful corner of Sardinia, the Faculty of Architecture of Alghero and Professor Maciocco, who kindly lent his expertise and all the jury members who honored us with their appreciation .

Special thanks go to Arzachena, its citizens and all the guests tourists or even visitors from the nearby towns that have cheered us with their presence we are grateful for your friendship.

A warm greeting, therefore, and see you next year.

Here are some pictures to give some color to this page with the gardens of our old town: